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6.04.2023 – An after-thought? An area has been dug back up, south of Eastern Avenue, to install concrete square duct which appears to coincide with the snowmobile trail that was no longer accessible.

5.21.2023 – Foundation work on Friday the 19th:

5.12.2023 – Concrete day on Eastern Avenue in photos and videos:




5.11.2023 – Another broken promise? Turnaround’s? Where are they?? They are using our neighborhoods as the turnaround.

Click here to see for yourself.

5.11.2023 – Not much going on over the last few days, suspect crew working elsewhere:


5.07.2023 – This weekend’s pictures – foundation progress:

5.04.2023 – Another rainy day – work continues on foundations:

5.03.2023 – Wednesday morning:


4.29.2023 – Weekend pictures. Workers visited the site to make sure the concrete stayed wet which is required to prevent cracking.



4.28.2023 – First pour at Eastern Avenue:



After supper:


4.27.2023 – A foggy start to Thursday:

After supper pictures:

4.25.2023 – A rainy start to the day:


Pictures at the end of the day:

4.24.2023 – Forming continues on the eastern bank of Eastern Avenue:


4.23.2023 – Sunday pictures:

Pictures taken from the eastern foundation of the Eastern Avenue Underpass:

The Clewleyville Road Underpass is months ahead of Eastern Avenue:

4.22.2023 – Weekend pictures; re-bar work and still lots of water from recent rains:

4.21.2023 – Work continues on the eastern foundation:


4.20.2023 – Work continues on the western foundation of the Eastern Avenue underpass:

Later in the day:


4.19.2023 – Wednesday morning work on the western foundation:

4.18.2023 – Last night’s rain has halted work at Eastern Avenue:

4.17.2023 – Monday morning at Eastern Avenue:

Later in the day:

4.15.2023 – Saturday morning at Eastern Avenue:

4.14.2023 – Friday:

4.13.2023 – Thursday after workers left:

Presuming the final road grade is now being established on the right of the picture below. Road to be final-graded at a negative 0.5 degrees as it approaches Eastern Avenue.

4.12.2023 – Wednesday @ 8:00 a.m. :

End of the day:

4.11.2023 – Forming starting on Eastern Avenue Underpass:


4.10.2023 – Monday morning – a Hydro Vac truck comes to town:

Later in the day:

4.09.2023 – A shortened drone flight due to wind gusts:

4.09.2023 – Pictures north of Eastern Avenue to Eaton Brook:

4.08.2023 – Pictures of the progress of the Clewleyville Underpass:

4.08.2023 – Pictures taken today of the progress south of Eastern Avenue towards I-395 and the progress at Eastern Avenue. Foundation work has started on the eastern side of the cut at Eastern Avenue.

4.07.2023 – Today’s updates:

4.06.2023 – Today’s construction:

4.05.2023 –  Today’s Eastern Avenue construction:

Later in the day:



4.04.2023 – Found these two videos on YouTube:

Above video offered by Maurice Brown about a month ago.


3.25.2023 – Pictures taken today following the first week of the Eastern Avenue underpass construction and a revisit to Clewleyville Road.

Eastern Avenue:


Clewleyville Road:

3.20.2023 – Work has started on the Eastern Avenue underpass:


3.09.2023 – Eastern Avenue road closure on March 20th.



2.03.2023 – The 2023 MaineDOT Work Plan is out – it used to be clear (until 2 years ago) what the unmet transportation needs of this state were; the last we knew they were some -$232 million/year. Now with a lot of  word salad, one is left not knowing if Maine is still behind or flush with money…

One thing that I find interesting is that the MaineDOT is still using the same map that shows this new connector blasting right thru an area marked as protected wetlands.

MaineDOT Public Map Viewer.

The “I-395 PROTECTED WETLANDS” are north and south of the intersection of I-395/1A and an area adjacent to Green Point Road. One of MaineDOT’s talking points was that the selection of the 2B-2 alternative showed that the DOT were “stewards of the environment”, YET they ignored this map since this study began because it didn’t fit into their plans. Shame on the state and federal agencies that allowed this farce to continue.

1.12.2023 – Water main that parallels the northern side of Eastern Avenue is being bypassed in preparation for the Eastern Avenue bridge:


1.09.2023 – Posted news release:


1-06-2023 – A news article from Channel 5 and an update from the official DOT website concerning detour on Clewleyville Road:

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1-04-2023 – Drone footage of the immediate area just north of Eastern Avenue:


1-01-2023 – Pictures taken on 12/31/2022.

The following pictures show the ledge issues on Clewleyville Road:

The following pictures are of the area around the Lambert Road bridge construction: